BMK Marketing Solutions

BMK Marketing Solutions is the only Full Service Political Consulting Firm located in North Louisiana and the surrounding region.

The highly skilled, politically savvy, team of professional consultants at BMK have been serving political clients since 2003.

Our list of satisfied elected officials:

Louisiana State Senator Greg Tarver
Louisiana State Representative Patrick Williams (two (2) terms)
Louisiana State Representative Roy Burrell (two (2) terms)
City of Shreveport – Councilman Stephanie Lynch
Former City of Shreveport – Councilman Calvin Ben Lester
Former Parish of Caddo – Commissioner Patrick Williams
Former Parish of Caddo – Commissioner Stephanie Lynch (two (2) terms)
Caddo Parish District Judge Charles Tutt
Caddo Parish Juvenile Court Judge Shonda Stone
Former City of Shreveport District Judge Randy Collins

Campaign Services:

Economic Development Platform Consulting
Crisis Communication
Candidate and Information Polling
Research and Development
Demographic Breakdowns
Candidate Branding
Graphic and Website Design
Billboard and Print Advertisement Design
TV and Radio Commercial Conceptualization
Film/Video Taping
TV and Radio Commercial Editing
Media Negotiations
Advertising Placement
Door to Door Canvasing
Print Advertisement and Mass Mailing
Voter and Precinct Breakdowns

Be prepared to execute an effective political campaign. To set an appointment for your complimentary consultation call BMK Marketing Solutions at 318.221.6252.

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